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Thu Aug 21, 2014, 11:19 AM

This is a skin made for me by :iconereida:, (thank you for helping me with this), I'll be using this new journal to give updates on my projects and commission info.

I'll be uploading the final Marvel Heroines illustration soon, I have to redo it cause I wasn't too happy with the final illustration. 

At the moment I'm working on some really awesome illustrations that are really helping me grow as an artist and as much as I want to show you it's gonna have to wait a little bit cause my client doesn't want me to show them just yet but as soon as I get his permission I will upload them here.

Soon I'll be making my next collection of illustrations which  is gonna be TMNT themed, it's gonna have 10 illustrations.

"Marvel Heroines 2.0 Update" 

I'll be working on my Marvel Heroines 2.0 collection this fall, I have seen a bunch of suggestions here and on Facebook and I'm almost ready to decide which characters I'll be including in it

Here's a list of the characters I'm considering:

  • Rogue
  • Black Cat
  • Emma Frost
  • Blink
  • Medusa
  • Dagger
  • X-23
  • Captain Marvel
  • Jubilee 
  • Jessica Jones 
  • Shadow cat
  • Spider Girl
  • Lady Sif
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Valkyrie 

Obviously not all of them will make it, I still have to make up my mind and see which ones I'll leave out.


You can commission me.

My rate is quite simple, my usual rate is 15.00/hour for non commercial work and 30.00/hour for commercial work so basically I will work with whatever time I'm paid for, my times per illustration vary depending on how much detail you want me to add but know that I will always deliver a high quality product, the only thing that will vary is the level of detail I put into the image.

Just so you will have an idea of the pricing my Marvel Heroines were produced on an average of 8 hours per character, do notice that the backgrounds are quite simple though. Something with a more detailed Background will obviously take me longer to make.

If you want to commission me you can send me a Note or write me an email to

Hey guys It's been quite a while since I uploaded anything here in DA  I've been absent for the most part but I'm back and I'll be uploading all the stuff I have been doing in the past several months, including concept art I have been making for a new indy comic book project called Team Genesis and a bunch of commissions I have been making trhoughout the year.
Today I had a reply from the group :iconeliteartists: about an inquiry I had made about the decline of my most recent work, they told me they had declined my work because it didn't have quality, and this seriously got me thinking, have I actually gotten worse than I was before and I haven't realized it yet, maybe my art sucks and I don't even know it. Truth is they never declined any of my works in the past but then a few months ago I submitted one of my most recent pieces and it got declined, I didn't give it much importance and I let it pass, but then they declined every single piece I have submitted for the past few months and then yesterday it was the last straw, so I finally sent them an inquiry about my declined work and one of the co founders responded saying that the artwork didn't have enough quality.

This seriously got me thinking that maybe all my efforts have been in vain and my artwork has gotten worse than It's ever been. Anyways I just wanted to share the way I felt about this, but I also want you guys to tell me with all your honesty If you think my art has gotten worse, let me know on the comments.

This is all the work they have declined 

The Sorcerer by ArtGutierrez      Anubis Stage 3 by ArtGutierrez                

Moonswift and Red Ravager by ArtGutierrez      Sergeant Blacksbarrow by ArtGutierrez                

Standing on the Edge by ArtGutierrez
For now I'll only be posting on the weekends, I wish I had more time to do stuff but my whole week is booked due to school :(, I guess I'll post 2 or 3 characters and one stage per week.I'll also be posting some of my old stuff so that everyone can see how I have evolved throughout the years,Gosh I look at some of those drawings and wonder how could I posibly draw like that but I guess it's what every artist has to go through and only through practice and perceverance can an artis get really good and I know right now I still have to keep getting better so I hope posting my artwork will help me improve a lot more than what I have improved up until now.
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